A housemaid
Free replacement of staff for 1 year
  • From 40 thousand rubles
  • 3 years Experience
  • Knowledge of VIP- wardrobe
  • Cleaning of all types of surfaces
  • Cooking
  • Ability of childcare
You need a housemaid?
Leave a request, you will be contacted by our Manager for further details on recruitment
After a dialogue with the Manager within 30 minutes we will send 3-5 resumes

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г. Москва, м. Кузнецкий мост,
ул. Кузнецкий мост 19/1, 1 подъезд, 38 офис.

Для работодателей:
+7 (495) 798-24-26
Email: allforfamily@mail.ru

Для соискателей:
+7 (964) 772-33-52
Email: allforfamily@mail.ru